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Kahit hindi ako masyado nagpaparamdam, di ibig sabihin nun hindi na kita naiisip.

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TODAY IN HISTORY: 1st September 1532, Anne Boleyn is made Marquess

On this day in 1532, King Henry VIII elevated his love and soon-to-be-Queen, Anne Boleyn, to the title of Marquess of Pembroke - a brand new title of nobility for his love. Although he was still technically married to Queen Katherine of Aragon, he was already planning his future with Anne, and in order to prepare for marriage it was necessary to give a noble status. Along with this elevation, Anne Boleyn also received lands in Wales and an increase in wealth. This was a very significant event in Tudor history, and the title of “Pembroke” was significant for Henry anyway, because his great-uncle Jasper Tudor had held the title of Earl of Pembroke - Pembroke referring to the birthplace of Henry VII. 
The ceremony, held at Windsor Castle was performed by Henry himself. It was attended by some of the highest members of court, including Anne’s father Thomas Boleyn, 1st Earl of Wiltshire, her uncle Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk, and Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk. The French Ambassador, Bishop of Winchester, and others were also present, which shows that this was a very important event. The Bishop read the patent of creation while Anne knelt in front of the King and he presented her with the coronet, the robe of estate, and the charters of creation and the lands. 
To Henry, this was incredibly important, and probably a very exciting day for both him and Anne. This was not simply the elevation of a commoner to a noble - This was one step closer to marriage. In Henry’s mind, he was already a single man - though his marriage to Katherine of Aragon wouldn’t legally be annulled until 1533 - and he was completely devoted and besotted with Anne. Therefore, raising her to the title of Marquess of Pembroke showed everyone at court that he was completely serious and dedicated in his mission to make her his next wife and queen. This was a great honour and in less than five months, Anne would become Henry’s second wife.
After the ceremony, a sumptuous banquet was held in honour of Anne and her new position. Anne was, no doubt, excited and honoured, and looking forward to her trip with Henry to Calais to meet King Francis I of France - which was another reason for this elevation in title.
”Creacion of lady Anne, doughter to therle of Wilteshier, marquesse of Penbroke.”
Sunday, 1 Sept. 1532, 24 Hen. VIII. The lady was conveyed by noblemen and the officers of arms at Windsor Castle to the King, who was accompanied by the dukes of Norfolk and Suffolk and other noblemen, and the ambassador of France. Mr. Garter bore her patent of creation; and lady Mary, daughter to the duke of Norfolk, her mantle of crimson velvet, furred with ermines, and a coronet. The lady Marques, who was “in her hair,” and dressed in a surcoat of crimson velvet, furred with ermines, with strait sleeves, was led by Elizabeth countess of Rutland, and Dorothy countess of Sussex. While she kneeled before the King, Garter delivered her patent, which was read by the bishop of Winchester. The King invested her with the mantle and coronet, and gave her two patents,—one of her creation, the other of 1,000l. a year.”

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I have decided to do a studying tips post, mostly because people are going back to school and I know from graduating High School, that studying is my number 1 problem because it’s hard to stay focused. So I hope these tips help you guys out and that you put it to use, have fun and stay in school guys!

Tip # 1: Go somewhere quiet.

Going somewhere quiet will make you focus more than being somewhere noisy because it can distract you. If you’re room isn’t quiet enough for you, try your kitchen or living room. But if your house is just too noisy try going to the Library or outside your house.

Tip # 2: Try listening to soft music or no music at all.

If I’m studying I like to either listen to classical music for example click here or I just don’t listen to music at all. But you shouldn’t listen to loud music or “your jam” because that could distract you as well.

Tip # 3: Make sure you are energized. 

Make sure you get a good nights rest before you decide to fill all this information into your head, if you are too tired too study, try taking a nap before starting. 

Tip # 4: Use Post-It’s to help you.

If you are trying to learn different subjects, use post-it’s to write down important information for each subject. (it helps a lot, trust me) I used probably 5 mini blocks of post it’s through out my senior year.

Tip # 5: Study a bit before sleeping and when you wake up.

I can not stress this enough, THIS ACTUALLY HELPS YOU. I have forgotten where I saw it but my teacher also gave me this tip, studying a bit before bed will help your brain review it as you sleep, it’s just like when you listen to a different language while sleeping will help you learn the language better. Also reviewing in the morning will help refresh your brain. 

Tip # 6: Space out your studying.

Start to study as early as you can, do not wait last minute to study. So that if you have 2 weeks to study, you don’t have to study every day. 

Tip # 7: Make sure you have breaks.

This is similar to tip # 6, but when I say breaks I mean like in a day. Instead of studying from morning to night, take hour breaks every 3 hours or so. If you go with no breaks, you get tired and bored and you’ll have a hard time to stay focused.

Tip # 8: If you are having trouble with something, ASK.

Don’t be like me my junior year, shy to ask for help. If you do not know something ASK, don’t waste time trying to figure it out on your own when someone is there to help you.

Tip # 9: Study in groups if it helps you.

If you can’t study alone, find someone who is willing to study with you. I recommend it’s someone that you know will actually study rather than your friend that likes to gossip and talk about other things than school.


This is the most important one, please do not skip a meal. In order for your body to function including your brain you need to be energized aka sleep and eating right. Eat a healthy meal to get your body going, you will feel refreshed and ready to start. 

If you’re in school, whether it be middle school, high school, college, or studying for something else, I hope these tips have helped you. Enjoy and don’t quit on school! Education plays a big part in our life. Be educated!

Love you guys <3

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I love Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress.  Completely fantastic.


Limzy Wei: Flowergirls

artist on tumblr

Malaysian artist Lim Zhi Wei adorns her watercolors entitled “ Flowergirls” with real flowers, to a stunning effect.

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September na, magtitino na ako! lol

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Ang hanapin mo inspirasyon, hindi kalandian.

Aray. Hahaha

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Everyday Objects Turned Into Creative Illustrations by Victor Nunez [via]

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Erwin:Are you wearing my jacket?
Levi:It has your scent.
Erwin:I thought you didn’t like how bad I smell sometimes.
Levi:It’s the smell I miss the most.
Erwin:Do you think you’ll manage?
Levi:Four-eyes will do fine. I catch her cry at times. But she’s a strong commander.
Erwin:But will you manage?
Levi:… The storm is near.
Erwin:I will protect you from the rain, but the thunder… You’ll have to deal with that one by yourself.
Levi:It’s alright - I fear the rain.
Erwin:I will wait for you.
Levi:You better… You stupid old man.

Working on this photo caught me crying for a little bit.

3DMG: Plameni DarkArmoury and Stefan Vujcic.